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Bienvenue sur le site de Gégé le plombier gaulois, dernier résistant à la connerie française.

Le cerveau français est en danger

Il ne voit plus rien !
Il n’entend plus rien !
Et surtout ne comprend plus rien !
Il aurait besoin de la greffe d’un nouveau « logiciel » !
Bien sur…Impossible, utopique et c’est bien là le malheur !!!

Nous sommes dans un Etat fourbe, hypocrite et mensonger...

It is easier to destroy than to build

The Alsace Prospecting Association was established in 2003. During 5 years, we cooperated in good agreement with archaeologists.

Every member of the association promised to respect the historical heritage.

The archaeologists gave us courses : How to recognize the fragments of potteries, in case of find, how to act, etc.

Repeatedly, we were called in emergency to intervene on a construction site which had been plundered during the weekend. We saved more than 500 Roman currencies.

During official searches,  we intervened to help the archaeologists to respect the deadlines of intervention.

We worked during several years with archaeologists of THE INRAP and the DRAC and there have been never a problem.

Our role with the metal detector was to locate objects, which were then loosened by the archaeologists.

Often the archaeologists of the DRAC gave us mission to locate a Roman road and for each of our interventions, we always established a report.

We believed "naively" in the sincerity of this collaboration…

But for some time now, we no more receive  proposition for our services, we sent e-mails which stayed without answers. Somewhere else, grave incidents took place; for example the affair of the warehouse of Mathay. The broadcast of Antenne 2, set everything aflame

- ruining in the first place the good cooperation which we had in Alsace and the objective of our association which is to bring slowly the prospectors towards a business ethics and a better knowledge of the law 

Making burst a latent, real problem bringing to light or revealing often thorny fundamental questions such as, - The vagueness of the texts of the law of December 18th, 1989 - The economic interests of the retailers, selling  the dreams of adventure using Indiana Jones as an argument … A latent hostility at the archaeologists of the administration (that it is not up to me to judge) that showed up lately…

And still, INDEED BEYOND AND THROUGH what can seem a small one quarrel without big importance ", we see appearing very questionable values which motivated partially the creation of the site www.leplombiergaulois.net

And then, there is a general state of mind, an atmosphere which leads now, and not only in France, to aggravate the slightest problem, to raise some people against the other. Moreover it is even countries between them!

It is necessary to return to fundamental principles of “bonne entente”; it is especially necessary to learn to control itself otherwise, effectively, it would be harmful for everybody.
It is clear that this movement of understanding, and good cooperation, otherwise open-mindedness (even intelligence) should, in my opinion, come “from the top " but we are not yet regrettably  at this point !

Gégé the Gallic plumber.

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